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Introducing the latest product from collective. hair care — wax stick.
This product is created to help control flyaways and baby hairs. It can be used alone or with a toothbrush to really set it in place.

Focusing on hair health, we used ingredients to help prevent hair loss, dandruff, breakage and protect from UV rays all whilst maintaining our signature collective. scent.

Created by us, for you.
There is no reason for any more hairmergencies.


    We strived to make sure anything put into our products is essential for both the quality of the product and the integrity of your hair.

    For WAX STICK we focused on the following:
    Jojoba oil and castor oil.
    Both ingredients are known for being rich in vitamins including c, B, copper and zinc; and also are very moisturizing. This is beneficial for the wax stick because it strengthens hair and can prevent hair loss which many people find occurs with repetitive sleek hairstyles. It also helps prevent dandruff which is sometimes causes by overusing products.

    The combination of oils also aids in UV ray protection. 

    To tie it all together, we kept our signature amber-infused smells like collective. scent.


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